Go ahead, waste your damn day. This is in lieu of an actual post.


Never go to sites filled with videos. I normally just check out the occasional naked chick, but Jennifer Wooley decided to make me cry with this. I did, too. I cried. I don't give much of a shit when people die but fuck with a puppy and watch me ache.

I only care about a small percentage of life on this planet. I kill insects (my right hand is my killing hand) and the whole human death thing really only bugs me when I know them. I'm not saying I'm consistent or moral, I'm hoping everyone doesn't feel like me, but I suspect and, well, I just wanted to be honest. I like doggies and endangered species. I don't like it when things disappear. I'm very happy about the eagle population, and the wolves and those beautiful red-tailed hawks. I'll admit this, too, I care more about bigger animals and I like them to be fuzzy.

Back to Movie Time:

I found out peanut butter conclusively proves that, all evidence aside, this planet is only a few thousand years old as well as God's existence. No one wants me to get into my vacuum theology and I won't, but whatever you believe and as much as I don't even think this is a bad point, this makes some folks look pretty bad. Please don't accuse folks of bad science with responses composed of very bad science-hell not even an experiment.

Either way I laughed so hard I farted.

I found the sublime and the ridiculous. All points in between.

I was wondering and worrying about almost everything all day. It's been a motherfucker of a day in this here head. I've done some celebrating, some bitching and a lot of shop vac-ing and cleaning dog paws. After all that and spending far too much time on the copier at work, I tuned out. I'm gonna go make dinner and watch some TV.

What? I can't be sensitive and introspective everyday.

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