Half assed Journey from the pole smoking assclown. Hey-assclown doesn't get flagged with spell check!

If you Google "I wish I'd Said I Love You" I come up first.

I know this because I put a counter on here. It's wild to see how much traffic I actually get. I used to have one here when everyone hated me and I got sick of anonymous posts. I'm still edgy about those. I once got one that said "I know you" and very few people can guess at how freaky that is.

It's been a long time since I felt like I needed to be ashamed about my behavior-outside of a drunken night here and there-so I'm not quite as afraid of what's gonna come at me, but I was curious who actually stopped in. A lot of folk I don't know. That's nice. I hope you're checking out the evolution of this as well. I hope I sustain some interest.

Oh, my life is a pretty good thing. I've got plans for the weekend and (I just knocked on wood like the superstitious Pollack I am and the dogs are freaking out) a show tomorrow and friends who care for me. I'm not gonna let that turn into a mess again if I can help it. I'm gonna be quick to say I'm sorry and slow to get pissed off. That should work with everyone but Matt who just might get pissed at me for not being pissed. I could have the sex and right now that's good enough. I live in the prettiest town on earth (that's 3/4 of a joke, the last quarter because I think it's true, the jokes on me) and my life is growing. I have this job I love even if only in the abstract tonight as I'm frustrated saying the same things over and over, and a band starting to find out what it can do.

I am, however, a little concerned at my recent spike in usage of parenthesis, colons, semicolons, the phase "I guess" and the word "just".

But; I guess you just have to recognize what's wrong if you're gonna get better: and I will (someday).

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