so I fiddle when I can, work when I should and thank god I'm a country boy.

I'm spending so much time with the things I've fucked up lately. There's so much I don't get to; the weeds are taking over and I think my Magnolia sapling died. The house needs work and I need a bed and I'm behind with friends and I didn't really get in a decent work out yesterday or today.

There's a lot to do and I need to do it, there's folks I need to let know how very much they mean. There's secret languages to invent and jokes to tell and work to get done and improvements at work I could spearhead. I guess I'm a little over whelmed and I'm still just one lazy guy.

But I got home a few minutes ago and two incredible dogs came to meet me at the back door and take a run and a piss in the yard and the lawn looks great. I have a few bare spots, some dried spots, way too many weeds for one guy and everything creeping in around me to the piont where I just can't get to everything, but tonight the lawn looked great walking in.

Aurora was beautiful tonight. I didn't have anywhere to go. Stop in to see Chris at work. Jay found me talking to Tom and Jamie over at tavern and we took a short late night tour of Aurora architecture and the river and I'm just home to say that I'm a blessed guy for having folks around who will go do something that un-exciting with me. Talk about old shit and play a few tunes. Look at the Mayan Revival Elk's lodge and appreciate it. I found them or they me and thank god.

We'll all be ok. I'm pretty sure.

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