These dead things.

She's no longer yar. We took on some water here and I'm a gonna need to throw some stuff out and get other stuff off the ground. It looks like at some point there was four inches or so down below deck, at least in a few spots. It's puddles and damp, now. Hope my truck behaves in the am.

What I gave up to be out was so worth it, though. I wish it was a girl, but it was just a song and that's a little better. Let me tell you.

I'm ashamed of my anhedonia. If it was depression I guess I could medicate and fix it, but it's the whole disease right now, not a symptom.

i was terribly worried that there would be nothing for you here in the morning. I'm heavy and tired and missed a decent work out today. Holes. I can live with them, but I'd feel bad leaving them. Maybe no one reads this with the fervor I imagine. Don't enlighten me if that's the case.

I need it more than you. Let me tell you that, too.

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