I belive I was trying to suggest something about the duality of man.

Can't say much tonight. Seems I fucked up a finger or two. It's on the right hand so that's good for guitar but bad for my 7 finger typing technique. I use the right hand reasonably fluently and the left hand all claw hammer style, just index and thumb.

Either way, this hurts a little. I was pulling out a barstool this evening and apparently had the form a little off and a pain danced from the tips of two fingers (The M & A) on down the tendon to the elbow.

Ouch and shit.

So the long and short is that I might be a bit quiet until this subsides. I need to save all my typing skills for the job and typing the same answers to the same questions several times a day.

I still love what I do, I still find a lot of satisfaction in the help I give. Don't think I'm hardened to that. I just need a little vacation. And I need to get some work done on my site. The ideas are coming as hard as the songs this week. I'm constipated and I'm sure I should withdraw, but I'm just stupid enough to keep shouting nothing.

I have a new page idea that I may not hide and the Where's Kev Section needs to be updated and I have some new napkins to scan.

All of this makes great sense in my head.

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