Not the big one. The promise of the big one to come.

It's been far too long since I've been here or gone to see Mary or done anything but travel and work and practice and mow the lawn and stare at the basement hoping it will somehow not fill with water through some sympathetic magic.

But you will come back. You always do. You leave and get bored and frustrated with me but you return. I love that. Thanks. I'm gonna turn the comments back on pretty soon. I hate that they're not here. This is a lot less entertaining and engaging without the interaction part. Let's get that back here soon.

I have some hopes and some plans. I wrote about 13 ways to look at Austin. I didn't really catch any of the place and mostly bitched about planes, but there's things worth sharing there. Maybe I'll leave it over in Oz. I think about there a lot, but never really do much about it. I have pictures and blogger, while a lot of things, does not allow a lot of control for a more visual post. Yeah, I'm a gonna do it over there. I wonder what name it will take. Rachel is where most of these things are supposed go, but I change my mind a lot. If you have ideas, email me.

I need so much. I hang with my dogs and I want to work on my playing. I want to be able to pay attention to my time and not just hang on for dear life trying to get the right notes out in roughly the space of time allotted. My chess game sucks. The lawn looks like shit. Everything is just so hard to hold together.

Enough. You'll see me soon. You'll be able to say Hi soon, too.

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