Not the explanation.

I was going to say very little today and just leave the video, but I did want to explain the changes and share something incredible with y'all.

You're going to have to dig in the archives if you want anything more than 3 days old right now. Fuck the past. There's stuff I don't want to look at and I'm planning to link to the things I do. If there's anything you hate, you have to look for it now. Everything is temporary, anyways. Comments are back provisionally, with a few more steps that will be taken to keep this place somewhere I wanna be.

What I want is a quiet little place with some outlet for me. A place to keep writing just to write. When I can't get a song I get to practice getting a thought out somewhat clearly. Usually not so clearly. Sorry.

I wanted to share this. It moved me a good ways.

You're welcome.

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