Doot Doot Do.

Tis an amazing day outside and I'm splitting the difference between sitting out here and staying home hiding-I'm hiding in the backyard.

It's just me, the dogs and the neighborhood. Have I mentioned that I love my neighborhood? I live in the midst of some wonderful organic gentrification. No developers, just people coming in with opportunities to buy something. The last few years of mortgage whoring had some good effects on me. Hell, it got me here and on the road to equity and savings and adulthood. I'm very content. It just may be the aftermath of a very heavy day yesterday and some small victories today. I'm proud of the puppies and I think I got it all out and some good solid lone time today. I slept a ton and I'm off tomorrow, so I can spoil myself.

Think I'll get the rest of the patching and some of the sanding done tomorrow afternoon, if I'm able.

I'll leave some darker dropping here when they come, bother me tomorrow-today
I got no sorrow.

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