nothing to say tonight.

Seriously, I can't find anything to say. I wanted to continue the rant that I started Sunday. I have more to say about the entire memoir thing. Folks keep writing their memoirs at 30. All of them shitty.

But it does occur to me that we like shitty stories as a species. There's an ancient tradition of tragedy. Tragedy: The word's origin is Greek tragōidiā (Classical Greek τραγωδία) contracted from trag(o)-aoidiā = "goat song" from tragos = "goat" and aeidein = "to sing". This meaning refers to the tragic song proverbially sung by a goat before being led to the altar for sacrifice (typical in ancient Greek religion). (wikipedia)

Aristotle defines tragedy in The Poetics as:

Tragedy is an imitation of an action that is admirable, complete (composed of an introduction, a middle part and an ending), and possesses magnitude; in language made pleasurable, each of its species separated in different parts; performed by actors, not through narration; effecting through pity and fear the purification of such emotions.
(wikipedia again)

Kinda lofty. Seems to deal with catharsis. I guess it's al wrapped up in schadenfreude. Eitherway, this is just an expensive way to wonder. I have no insight.

Sorry. Maybe I'll pick it apart later, but I'm going to lay down right now. It's just what I thought about earlier today when my head was limber and the world made sense.

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