They gon' Make McDonald's pay for that. I am with you, Louise Ogborn

I don't know if I'm getting more "political" or just reading the news a lot more. Either way, this struck me violently, if for no other reason than the precision of the blow. I spent a lot of time in restaurants and bars. I venture that, if one can assume a third of one's life sleeping, I spent 3/4ths of the other 2/3rds in some establishment dedicated to imbibery and hospitality during the whole of my 20s. That's a lot of numbers for a guy no good with numbers.

I remember the time. I worked for a (significantly smaller) chain of fried food and crap on the walls eateries and the warning was made known to us (and clearly) about the circulating hoax. That colors my take on things considerably. I have spent a good deal of the last couple days' online news reading dedicated to this story and found a lot of blame the victim going on. Me? I'm pleased as hell that a jury held McDonald's culpable.

This is another one of those self delusions we allow ourselves. The other. That part of us we demonize. We can't look at it so we deny the existence of. Yeah, I know that there's a triumphant and detailed history of human defiance, but there is most certainly as long a history of (and value of) a respect of authority and reward for obedience.

We find it easy to believe that we would never do such things and that no one who would can be anything but evil. I don't think that we are not responsible for what we do, merely that we are capable of almost anything. I think we all have a price and a capacity for almost anything.

Maybe the trick is trying to avoid situations where we know what those are.

At any rate this ties into my rigid morality. Don't get me wrong, I think the less bend you have the more breakable you are, but I am inflicted with a bamboo sense of wrong. I suffer the enthymeme of holding stalwart beliefs and finding conclusions from them, when they must be entirely within my experience and subjective. I draw out doubts of the truth of an issue when from an untrue source. I have quick opinions and lasting convictions which hurt more than help.

I was told today in a very kind way that I'm opinionated, and I think in the context it was faintly complimentary, but it does give me pause. I really don't want to be what I am in this regard. I like black and white, I find it comforting, I just don't trust it.

I know that I tend to boycott, but inconsistently. I don't know how consistent I can be. I feel my dollars are my best weapon as discourse is always noise to the zealot. My boycotts follow the things I feel are wrong, but don't involve searching for more "evils". I don't eat veal. I love a cheese burger. I don't shop at Wal-Mart, but I'm wearing a shirt likely sewn in a sweatshop in Singapore. I guess if I stumble across it I'm willing to make a stand, but I'm not able to go far enough. And I won't in all honesty. I'm not strong enough or caring enough or healthy enough to make every worthy stand. I know it. I'm not the most sympathetic guy. I see the fence around that one. I know where I end on that.

I just won't be eating at McDonald's any more.

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