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I'm trying to take pictures again. You'll find a lot more color here in weeks to come as I'm blogging through Flickr at this blog for the next few months in an effort to both keep it alive and to tie this recreation to something I'm dedicated to. I feel like it's a little embedded accountability. Also it gives me the things to talk about when I find a picture or a thing to find a picture of when I want to talk. Trust me, this works out in my crazy head.

I don't like that I can't easily insert links, but I'll get over it.

My hair is so fine I look like I'm going bald and as I look at myself a lot in these picture both Jenny and I are taking lately I wonder how much everyone hates the way they look.

Taking a picture is hard for me, It's not writing a song - which just happens or I wait and it's not an instrument I've grown familiar with. It's a lot more like seeing yourself. It's uncomfortable and I like it for that. Jenny and I were talking last night about how we'll never get bored.

I hope not.

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