Election '08

You know something, the world is populated predominantly by the stupid or insane.

I listen to NPR a lot. I admit it. I'm ok with it. It used to be the jazz, but wbez stopped playing any for some ridiculous reason. It's cool, I stopped giving them money. Either way,it's still a preset and I still listen because I'm hooked on some of the day time shows-and now they rebroadcast them at night so I can hear things on my way to and from work. So I listen and for the last 6 months it's been election coverage-because that's out political process. a few years of getting us in trouble and a couple years of asking if they can do it again. Over the last few months I've become increasingly annoyed with that facet of this and, well, most of it. I don't really care who wins. I'm not going to vote. I register mainly to fuck with the expected outcome of the pollsters. I don't think it makes a difference. I know - I'm supposed to care because every vote matters but I'm pretty sure sure Ol' Ross Perot never had a chance and that whole Bush re-election thing pretty much put the nail in the coffin of my voting intentions.

I think I'm pretty hip to the political process, I think I'm aware of the candidates platforms, I just don't care. I kinda want to see Hillary or Obama win because I hate crackers and christians and I think it would chap some asses if we got a woman or a black guy in office (I love all the angry faces) but beyond that I guess they're all kinda like pumas to me. Pumas look the same to me. I have no discerning eye for their individual markings and I'm not a big cat fan anyhow.

I think they're likely full of shit. I guess it takes a special person to want to be a career politician and they're not the kinda folk I want in charge just by nature. Ultimately, I quit voting or even pretending to go vote because I realized there's no way a few bright folks can change the world with a system like this. There's too many sand pounding yellow hammers out there for one guy to make a difference.

I see a lot of single issue voters. Fine, I dig it, abortion is murder, say the lord's prayer in school, save the environment, whatever blows your hair back, but that's hardly an encompassing world view or, for that matter a reason to vote. I don't think the candidates give a shit because they must realize by now that they keep their jobs through apathy and argument. To fix shit would put them out of work. I doubt they believe the shit they say. I wouldn't be shocked to find all the candidates to be staunch atheists saying exactly what you wanna hear. I think they might eat their young, too. They may even like scat videos and dress like polka band members for sexual thrills. No nation as demented as our-as full of bullshit and salesmen-will ever reward honesty.

I think you need to look at the possibility that there is a flaw in a race that desires to elect the thing most like us when we are such fucked up and flawed individuals. Our intolerance is a point of such pride we wish to paint a 60 foot mural of it and carve out a great big brass calf to put our own stupidity in office and then some how expect things to change. For years these polemics have floated around a moderate point like satellites. They will tomorrow. And the next day. No one will get to the issue. We are still diverse and we still reward similarity. If you don't believe in abortion, don't pay for it. Don't do it. You love the environment-donate some money, buy organic, whatever. You think that the process is a mistake-withdraw or come up with a new one. Fix yourself you stupid fucking shit stands or we just wind up with offices full of folks who talk a lot and don't do anything. Just like us.

I not only don't vote-I move that we all declare ourselves incompetent and quit. Not just the folks I don't agree with, either, but all of us-me too-are too crazy or stupid to be trusted with our own governance.

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