Holding the other Jen

Holding the other Jen
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New day, new me. You know?

I think about the Hopi time line as each moment finding itself independent of any moment preceding, regardless of any similarity of location or participant and I wonder if we change. We have to by these definitions and I find that freeing.

I hope so.

I hate the idea of finding myself 33, done - a has been who never really was, and just like my father. I have spoken of the tyranny of emotions. How do you experience them without letting them drive?

I am not going to do this, unlike the Hopi this day needs to remain connected to all others and like them, it needs to be entirely new. I was talking to Jen early, early this morning about that, about how I can have several things that seem to contradict live next to each other in my head, it's never seemed a paradox until I put it next to other people.

Well, this ached. Enough.

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