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Recording again. I'm getting demos down for what comes next, which I don't know. A huge frustration is that I don't have any experience or talent for recording as a medium. I can play the instruments, but not the studio as an instrument. This is the next challenge here. Either way, I thought that this was apropos as tonight I worked on a song about decorators and photographers and the whole of life as a series of snapshots and re-positioning.

We do, you know, keep decorating, photographing, making memories. Sometimes the canvas is a poor friend and sometimes a hell of a lover. I think we're gonna figure it all out

When I look at life as a series of moments it's just a little easier to bend and hold. These moments I'm having are incredible.

I never knew what could come out of this with a little effort and courage. These are easy. This moment is wonderful, perfect, all that hippie shit.

I think that art (if I can get all lofty and aloof about it - talking in concepts and abstracts) always comes down, to me, as a freezing of a moment. Making it bigger than it is, trying to find something beautiful, terrible, beautifully terrible or terribly beautiful in it. When you see the best of any person, it tends to be their ability to find these things in details which are usually mundane or crappy to mundane or crappy people.

Yes, Virginia, there are crappy people. We're not supposed to say it, but some folks get hung up in the shit. There's always something awful in these moments, too.

You find what you want. This is my fantasy world, as I've recently been accused. I like mine. I'm happy here. Hope the same for you.

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