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Do you know the opposite of Great?

You'd think that it's terrible, but I think terrible is closer to greatness than average. It's good. The enemy of great is good.

I have a ton more to say about this. A ton. But in essence it keeps ringing in my ears that the enemy of that greatness I aspire to is not time or worry or a lack of confidence, although all of that plays a part, but it's in a contentment and the depressing weight of being ok with what you've always done. Riding on what you know. Being good enough.

I know what I've done, that's shit. I want to know my capacities. I'm taking some time on a few instruments and my words to be better. Not to be as good as I've been but as great as I can be. It's time over a task. It's sweat equity in something. It took me a little over a month, but this is the first picture I'm proud of.

Time I've got. I'm taking some of it and working on some things very important to me, if it means little sleep, I'll live.

The learning curve is so deceptive. All the plateaus are the hardest thing to beat. But time will get me there. Do you know who I want to be?

I do.

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