Just some thing random.

Alright. Site's up. Good things and a little stress gone.

For here: a bouquet of pictures. Things in life I found with the phone.

Meijer Bathroom.

Why I do not trust dishwashers. And why I dislike lipstick. What's wrong with you women? You put some sort of fucked up space aged polymer on your lips? Jesus. I know it's convention, but I would think at some point one of you would start the revolution and say "I'm not putting any more wax on me in the name of beauty!"

A new cat. Useless, but cute.

My name in lights. On paper. Hey, this was a big deal to me a couple months ago and I'm just getting the pictures off the phone now.

My mother kept trying to tell me this was a weed. Wrong. It's a pretty Lilly.

That's it.

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