Got a little anti religious. Well, didn't get, showed. Either way. Sorry the web site is outdated. I'll get it Thursday, I hope. the weekend at the latest. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I am playing This Saturday With Jon. I think it's at Stonefire.

In other worlds....found this when looking up how folks find this here page:

Date Time Name Query Landing Page
magnify visitor26 Jun01:24:20 PMwww.google.chex-jetset.blogspot.com/
magnify visitor23 Jun12:16:26 PMwww.google.comshe said i love youhttp://www.ex-jacket.blogspot.com/
magnify visitor12 Jun08:22:32 PMwww.google.comwhen she said i love you/
magnify visitor11 Jun06:44:10 AMwww.google.cai said i love you, she didnt/
magnify visitor4 Jun11:40:14 AMwww.google.comshe said i love you/
magnify visitor2 Jun03:24:43 PMwww.google.cacome and go as she wish/
magnify visitor21 May05:14:34 AMwww.google.comex-jetset.blogspot.com/
magnify visitor19 May01:06:33 AMwww.google.comshe said she was going to sell/
magnify visitor16 May11:22:04 PMwww.google.commarian trudo myspace/2008/04/vacation-responder.html
magnify visitor16 May07:04:21 PMwww.google.joshe said i love youhttp://www.ex-jacket.blogspot.com/
magnify visitor15 May01:13:57 PMwww.google.comthe kevin trudohttp://www.ex-jacket.blogspot.com/
magnify visitor15 May01:13:40 PMwww.google.comthe kevin trudohttp://www.ex-jacket.blogspot.com/
magnify visitor11 May07:55:50 PMwww.google.comthe kevin trudohttp://www.ex-jacket.blogspot.com/
magnify visitor10 May09:10:36 PMwww.google.comeasy as a sunday morning lyrics/
magnify visitor6 May04:50:22 AMwww.google.nolyrics i'm easy as a sundayhttp://www.ex-jacket.blogspot.com/
magnify visitor6 May12:42:34 AMwww.google.comthe kevin trudohttp://www.ex-jacket.blogspot.com/
magnify visitor6 May12:42:24 AMwww.google.comthe kevin trudohttp://www.ex-jacket.blogspot.com/
magnify visitor5 May12:47:48 PMwww.google.dksaid i'm fine wish that it was truehttp://www.ex-jacket.blogspot.com/
magnify visitor3 May11:10:32 AMwww.google.esshe said i love youhttp://www.ex-jacket.blogspot.com/
magnify visitor3 May09:17:45 AMwww.google.comkevin trudohttp://www.ex-jacket.blogspot.com/

Seems Like everyone's looking for Love.

Thanks for looking here.

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