I'm dealing in Meta today.

And I can't say with any confidence that I understand what I'm talking about. The prefix meta denotes a consciousness of the object by the object. Meta-emotion is how we feel about our emotions. Metalanguage is language used to discuss language.

Wikipedia deals with the roots as such:

The prefix comes from the Greek preposition and prefix meta- (μετά) which meant "after", "beside", "among", "with" (with respect to the preposition, some of these meanings were distinguished by case marking). Meta- (along with Meso-, also borrowed as a prefix into English: e.g. "Mesoamerica") is cognate with English "mid-". Its use in English is the result of back-formation from the word "metaphysics". In origin metaphysics was so named (by Andronicus of Rhodes) simply because it followed the book on physics in the customary ordering of the works of Aristotle; it thus meant nothing more than "[the book that comes] after [the book on] physics". However, even Latin writers misinterpreted this as entailing that metaphysics constituted "the science of what is beyond the physical".[2] The use of the prefix was later extended to other contexts based on this.

And so on and so forth. If you're as abstract as I often am, you're welcome to the whole entry.

I'm here with this because I am noticing how I use everything as a mirror. Every person does, I guess and I'm sure I've always known that I'm so self absorbed that I'll always be my own compass, North Star and Telescope, but the Realization is a different thing. the Meta-emotion is again relevant. How do I react to this persistent feeling.

I don't want to escape it. I know this. I know that, to some degree, Jenny will likely be the only person I can see without the connotation of self. This is it's own pumpkin pie and it's own shit pile, but I think true in a limited way. I'll always see everything and every one else as some bizarre and autonomous appendage. The ultimate Meta-Kevin. All of you are Gestalt. All of you are amalgam and all of you are me.

Oh, and I think I've decided to vote. I don't do that often. I'm too self important. Here's a little game. I always just take all her clothes off and giggle.

Halloween Costumes

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