There's this thing that keeps coming up over the course of the week. Actually, with the frequency of my posting lately, maybe I should make a promise to do a week wrap up-but nevertheless- The thing that keeps coming up. Okay, two things:

1. I should get rid of my hosting and just do Facebook. The damn thing is genius. I can interact and I keep finding people I know. You can hear the tunes, I can post when I write here, I can get feedback and I can actually communicate. No coding is necessary and no publishing goes on. I have got to redo the site. I don't like what it is and it doesn't actually touch anyone. So, I love Facebook right now. Until it burns out, like cupcakes.

I think we're going to do cupcakes for the wedding. Apparently cupcakes are the new cake and it's cool to have them. I want to be cool. What the fuck do I care? I'm diabetic. It's just that fads simultaneously piss me off and interest me. Why do we need to have something that is temporarily favored while other things we were so recently enamored with become passe? I don't know. I think it stupid, but interesting. We all get stuck in our early twenties anyway. Let's all just embrace the passing of our coolness, pass the torch to those bastards who are still learning to drink and get on with making something worth something. Real art - none of that pop shit and novels and some damned money.

2. People want you to lie to them.

They really do. If you tell them the truth at least dress it so it looks like a lie. If you can't do that, shut up or they'll never forgive you.

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