Hives when I cut the lawn.

Okay, I'm pretty quiet lately, at least here. I have a lot to do, mainly get married, which isn't really the big deal that folks have made it out to be. You make a few plans and write checks. It's a fucking party, I can't get up the energy to freak out about it. It's supposed to be fun.

So, I'm googling "hives when I cut the lawn" today - because I keep breaking out in hives through spring and summer, and this comes up. It was help, actually, and comedy for me. I love the comments.

I was already thinking about my Anti-psychiatric tendencies and my general curiosity about how we continue to value etiology over pathology. I guess I don't need to explain that, just understand that it (along with Pareidolia) seems to explain almost everything I find frustrating.

We'd rather "feel things out" than find out for sure. Facts suck. It's why I hate to go to the doctor. I wanna guess, I don't wanna know.

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