Singing...not necessarily sorted.

Anyone who tries to sell you on the idea that christianity is a monotheistic faith is kidding you.  Think of the saints and the trinity and all that. Same thing. If you'd a asked a Greek a few thousand years ago they would have told you, "No, dude, it's just Zeus, those other guys are 'small g' gods or consorts or something".

Sure, they're saints, but you pray to them. Kinda like, well, a god.

Also I need to name two things that suck:

Metallica and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Fuck the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Poor Flea, who seems like a decent guy is suffering under the exaggerated weight of that long haired can't really sing guy. But that guy, yep, he's asshole enough for the entire world. Some majorly stupid feuds about who ripped who off. Jeebus, An-tony, it's not a rip off if the guy can actually sing.  Read the end of the article on californication. Dick.

Metallica i just hate because they seem reluctant to embrace the free nature of the internet and they seem like douchebags. I really just hate their fans and those stupid "Metal up your ass" shirts. Oh, and the dumbass debate about them selling out. Let's just hope every musician has maturing and evolving tastes. I guess some dumbass fans just really want people to make the same music that was their anthem in High School over and over again. If I'm not going to walk upright, no one else should, either.

Crows are badass. I think it's great that they know us but we can't tell them apart.

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