kissing my money.

So.........last night I got a text from Derek Sivers. No, not directly, but he's one of the very few I follow by device on Twitter.

He was sending me a story and quoting from that story this simple phrase: "Advertising is the tax you pay for being unremarkable."

Easy enough. I heard it from Gary Keller last week and I guess the time is now. I'm gutting everything. Eviscerating the emailing list, flensing the facebook page.

I say all of these things about building something worth having and then I lack the commitment to follow through. So I'm sending out this directive:

Stop following me. Stop reading here. Opt out of my emails and de-friend me on facebook unless you're crazy about me. Do Not Follow me on Twitter.

I only want you to be here if you want to be here.

(This is being posted on all my active blogs and will be summarized in an email to the referenced mailing list in the next couple of days. I am quite serious and very literal. Please do not feel you will be offending me. I'm learning to take almost everything that hurts to hear as a good thing. Thanks for the interaction we've had and good luck. There are no hard feelings.)

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