What can you do me?

I wrote the other day about

"in my black little heart I love stories that justify my definition of humanity."

And I think it wise to elaborate. I think we all like to believe in our own little folk tales we tell ourselves. I am resolute that there are not "two kinds of people in this world", there is just one. We are people that believe our own bullshit.Everyone of us thinks of them self as a "Realist" and a "survivor". Nope, we're just people who can lie to ourselves very effectively.

The story I linked up above is about a guy, altruistic and open who wanted to provide a proxy server for people in countries where internet censorship is common.  They hoped to provide access to that censored news and information on the world village that these folks couldn't get from their own ip addresses. Turns out that folks don't really want forbidden news, they want porn.

I wish I didn't find that funny and I'm pretty sure you think I'm mean or cold or something related to that, but I do. Can you change the things you find funny and do they make me any less kind or decent? I dunno, but I'm being honest. In my world view, the bulk of charity work has nothing to do with the recipient. I think it makes us feel good to help people whilst people are generally ungrateful and accept favor like they accept the weather.

By this I mean they figure that's how things are, sunshine is owed to them and they bitch no matter what.

Sue me. It's how I feel.

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