.....temp. radio sil.....

Alright, Sorry.

I gave you all kinds of sound and fury just to shut up again.

I'm going to be taking my writing offline and to some more private locals.

It's simple. I am, frankly, sick of me. I have too much to say.

I remember the few "dates" I went on. I hated them. I was overly conscious of who I was and that I was speaking. I had things to say that were interesting to me, but my internal dialog made it almost impossible to be zen about the whole thing. "Is this a dumb thing to say?" "Am I saying too much?" Most of the time I didn't even give a shit about the girl across the table from me, I just knew I was supposed to be impressing her.

I feel that way a lot when I'm here.

Hey. There's plenty to read archived here. Have at it. I'm still at home. I'll be out playing the music and happy to talk for real. I just don't feel like going on this date for a bit.


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