My Reader.

I've gotten very crabby lately about my Reader. I have been deleting a LOT of feeds that do not deliver the things I look to them for...namely the value of either enriching or entertaining me.

I'm not linking the things I'm quitting, I'm done with them. I see no point in bad mouthing.  I will tell you why and act like you care about it.

Sometimes it was tone. Sometimes these things I followed were shrill but oddly in love with the sound of it. They were self professed pundits and experts and they reminded me of my father and his pay phone thing....my dad stuck his fingers in every pay phone and vending machine coin return he walked by, and sometimes he would pick up a quarter or $50. The thing is, I would occasionally get something out of it, but the frustration and sheer ridiculous of the effort made it not a value. Tone means something to a musician. Don't be a jerk.

Sometimes it was just a lack of content. Sometimes the content sucked and sometimes the content was simply regurgitated, but mostly I objected to the tone of things. Screw that complaining thing, I would rather share some of the things I'm keeping and some of the reasons why....that's bound to say more than bitching.

http://doublebassblog.org/ - I am a terrible upright player, but I found this when I was trying very hard to get better. I don't do a lot of playing, but I find value as a musician from Jason Heath as he shares some niche stuff that's beautiful, speaks to me as a musician and that I really can't find from anyone else.

http://www.boingboing.net/ - Is almost always a perfect string of non-sequiturs and "wonderful things"

http://www.yoyonation.com/blog/ Because you love yo-yos as much as I do.

http://tm3am.blogspot.com/ - I dig rock & roll music. Andre says good things and I can't find an rss feed to his site ( tm3am.com ) so the feed from the blog gives me an idea when to check the main site.

http://wellknowwhenwegetthere.blogspot.com/ - I think everyone knows the tribute written here about John Hughes (and I'm kinda glad to say, removed, although I suspect for some sad reasons) but she's a lot more and I hope she continues writing. I've enjoyed a lot about this blog.

http://sivers.org/ - I can think of few folks I find more insightful than Derek Sivers. Trust me, this brevity is intended as the highest compliment.

http://www.menagea3.net/ - I did not get into comics until I was in my thirties, I assume that's backwards, but maybe it took that long to "get" Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman. Either way, this is one of the webcomics I follow.

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