out of respect for you,

Tonight I will post no Koans.

And I will make no promises. I'm gonna try and get here every month or so, no one listens here any more and it's safe again. There's only one test in life and it's time. Time left this field fallow and I'm safe to stop here every month or so and be honest. 

I'm at home and this will always be the place I love best. I have so damn many places I hide at online and I love this place best. So I went away for a long time and then made dumb promises to return and ultimately found this had turned into a palladium. 

There's been anger and attempts at funny here, rants and things I found interesting. After all that falls I'm here tonight and there's no promises to follow. 

I'm here tonight to talk about what this means and what it's been as I think about an entire story of a life so far and what that means and what it's been to me. I'm bad at telling stories. Who knew? Good with words but no tale to tell? And yet I still wonder if someone will find these pages I continue to write..the published ones and the very hidden ones and if I'll someday have a body of work that someone will find merit in. 

Funny. I did that: I covered that paragraph and this post telling what it would be. I wish I could tell you every story and then at the end of the blog there'd be a big party where every one would be there and you'd get a little weepy at all my dumb stories when you see every one together for the last time. 

But I can't. 

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