Reworked and reposted - something I wrote on a Real Estate blog I do.

I had an awesome realization yesterday, I'm calling it the Susan Boyle Effect.

I think all of us are pretty insecure about somethings having to do with ourselves. I'm not a huge fan of my looks. I have one eye that never opens to the same width as the other and tends to drift a little sideways when I'm tired. Whenever a few extra pounds find my skinny frame they settle right into some ridiculous potbelly. I have skinny legs and the hairline has seen a few better days. I'll just say, if I'd been able to chose I would have picked a face a lot closer to Brad Pit's face than my own. 

So, the realization came reading a post from one of my favorite bloggers in the universe, Seth Godin. I'm just going to spit this out; He's not a pretty man.:

The Revelation? I was watching a video of Lyle Lovett and it hit me: No one thinks I'm as big a deal as I do. No one really cares what I look like but my wife and she's in for a pound already. Not to mention, I'm kinda doubting she fell for me on account of my looks. I can be as ugly as I want to be; if I'm excellent I'll find an audience. 

I get why we worry. I do. I think a lot about ugly and beautiful.  We're wired to worry about it. We have to worry about our suitability to a potential mate. It probably makes us better people. When we break it down though, we really worry about our looks when we don't need to. No one really cares what we look like or how we feel - they care tremendously about the way we make them look and feel.  

To get further into ugly and beauty, Beauty is boring. It just is: a perfect nose or a perfect flower will always be only that - Perfect. Nothing to be improved upon and nothing really to see ourselves in. I like to think that we see ourselves a in our flaws. I think in creating things we have to strive for a different kind of beauty - one with very little to do with perfection, one that has a lot to do with knowing when to put in something ferocious or ugly or just plain terrible. 

It would be a damn shame to get better at something and only be a better technician. We need to be more than a mechanic as artists: we have to be decision makers and our experience has to inform us of when to put in something frightening.

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