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I love the whole Google Buzz idea - and for as much shit as it got over locations and privacy concerns, Twitter seems to have adopted some sort of vague varietal of the concept....so...a good idea is a good idea? The thing is it was poisoned by a shitty release. Too soon...like Wave, I guess. So it went off the shelves fucked up, I don't think that necessarily makes it a bad thing: I love that it brings in a lot of the things I use...I like that it links a profile. I'm taking the profile and making it the directory I used to keep. 

I like that's it's all over the place. I like that anyone can see who I am. I'm trying to get people to pay attention. 

I will say it again: folks think this is a bad thing sometimes to be upfront about it but I am trying to get people to pay attention to me

And yet I hear it...I'm gonna whine a second: My friends and spouse and family all likes to say to me when they're frustrated with me that I'm just looking for attention. As if that's insulting to me. I write songs: I want people to hear them. I'm cool that not everyone will like them - hell, I signed up to take the rejection and the poor feelings when folks don't love me - and I'm not bitching about that. Telling me that I'm an attention whore is not particularly insulting, but it does hurt to know that you want to hurt me and that you want to use that fundamental part of who I am to do it. It's cool. I love you anyway and I say horrible shit myself. Either way, that's out. 

I want people to pay attention and I think Google does great things as far as that goes. They have a beautiful, Warhol initiative to help everyone with their 15 minutes of fame. Not a bad aspiration since everyone wants this bad enough for them to use that shame against me and for that 15 minute reference to have been so easily recognizable. in light of that I'm trying to think of swell ways to tie everything together in ways that are a little more pleasant to look at that I typically do. I may or may not. 

I'm long on ideas and short as hell on follow through.

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