We're happy to blame BP.

We are. We're happy to yell at people gassing up at BP stations when we drive by in our CARS. Do you see what I did there? I pointed out the giant elephant in the room. We drive cars. We buy gas and up until a couple of weeks ago we bought it from them. We really, really want it not to be partly our fault, but it is. We buy things that destroy up, from food to cigarettes to alcohol to shitty movies. Hell, we make the people who sell them rich.

Suddenly we're happy to turn on them. As a species we accept blame poorly. We made them rich. we're the reason they drill. We're the reason rich white men are perpetuating wars in the middle east. It's our fault. I have 4 cars. It's my fault what's happening in the gulf. And you know what? It's not the government, Army Corps. Of Engineers or G.W. Bush's fault that a hurricane ruined New Orleans. 

I wrecked the Gulf.

Oh, and "Sex and the City" always sucked. Don't look so shocked, now.

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