What I got out of yesterday, vol. 1

I'm beginning to love mornings.

Not for any reason, there is none. I'm no about to become this guy who says you should be a morning person because that would let the air out of what I love. That would go against everything I want in the morning.

I like to wake up with a thought. I'll try to get it down here. What I got out of yesterday:

I need to change the way I talk to people. I'm not interested in myself all that much so why do I keep saying so much about me? I know I need to say somethings about me or pick another profession, but I don't need to do this to friends.

The things I am I will be and if it's compelling; you'll notice. And you'll tell someone. I don't need to do this for you. It has a short life...PR...and when it doesn't it's still not who I wanna be. So the other thing here, it's gotta be about something and someone else.

This is the new. Every day we can reinvent if we so chose.

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