I like to drive. I drive and I watch the sides of the road for signs of life. At night it's deer because they terrify me and I've wrecked three cars on them, but when there's light I just want to see something that isn't a Dunkin Donuts, Home Depot or Walgreens.

That's not life. It's a homogenizing that scares me. I know I've done an unfair share of ranting about it because it's a huge part of my aesthetic. I like difference. I think you should. then again I like old things and things that other people cast off and I think you should, too, even though it competes with my interests....

But I also hope a part of me finds good in things. I think I found it tonight. If the world turns into Wal-Mart, the differences will have to be in the people.

The inventory and the physical appearance will be flat. It'll always be the same safety orange Home Depot. I hope someday as our cultures are replaced with a lot of the same we start to notice that we always go to the Starbucks on Felton because Nick behind the counter is a fucking riot.

We might need to start tipping at McDonalds. 

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