I cleaned up.

I think I got rid of the stuff that's a pain in the ass to update. The less I make maintenance frightening the more likely I am to actually post here.

And I think I have the public options figured out for now. If you care about how I work on writing and the internet, understand that I estimate that I publish and maintain around 30 sites, with a good 30 to 50 sites I have accounts with who do things for me in a public way, either for myself as a person or one of the alter egos I cultivate. Yes, I do that. I write a ton in private places - most of them with more traffic than here. I do it to hide from everyone.

I compulsively write, that doesn't mean I have to compulsively publish. I also have at least 30 to 50 more sites I started and I squat on...have plans for...want to do something with at some point...etc. I get my name and I reserve the names of ideas, alter-egos, etc...not all of them  in use currently.

Ever since I lost the ability to use Ginger Herbert as an alias, I'm crabby. I take things and maintain a pretty tremendous password database. I'm like that.

For now, everything I want to show is available at Apeneck Sweeney. This is solely blogs I'm keeping up and it's bare bones for now.  Other sites I have yet to set a directory for, but I will likely do a subdomain of Apeneck Sweeney, but I'm not entirely ready to show what I'm up to on all fronts.

Thanks for playing. Keep an eye on that link of you wanna catch up on what I do. Not that you wanna.

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