I think things are gonna get weird.

I've been busy. I like busy. I need to get some stuff booked, but stuff is coming in. No worries, yet. Mostly I've been making things which is the thing that makes me work. I mean, the thing that is the reason why I'm at all coherent.

And I'm not very. Either way, I've decided what is what and I've simplified a few things in my head. I'll tell you - because you are something less than legion. I've killed a few of the places I post. I have kept one secret for myself and maybe one to speak the unspeakable, but other that that it's just here and The Stone Orchard. Well, and the blog on the main site, but that's work, kinda.

Here is me. I'm going to do my writing and my thinking here and the other place is to cheer me up and to catalog the fascinating. I'm comfortable with this. It only took 4 months of thinking to decide. I need to stop posting about posting, however.

I have made up my mind to make 2011 all about taking chances. I have one friend dedicating the year to candor...sure I'll work on that...but 2011 is going to be all about nudity for me. The stuff I talk about and don't do much.

Well..I have. and I will again. Until then, here is my favorite month of writing on this here blog I ever did: April of 2007.

Hope to see you soon.

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