NY Resolutions.

I stated it simply like this:

Buy less. Make more. Love better. Learn a lot, but focus on what I already have.

I expound it like this:

I am going to make 4 albums this year. Maybe a fifth, but definitely these four. Winter; Spring; Summer; Fall. 

I am going to make some money making music this year. 

I'm gonna love better, starting with my wife. I'm not gonna worry about money because I can do. There's things I have that I'm not using well enough to justify buying more. I'm-a-gonna be calm. I'm not going to miss an opportunity to build a relationship. 

I'm gonna love you. 

I will learn. I will write and I will show you what's up. 

Love and kisses. 

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Kevin Trudo said...

I made a half of one.