Whew. What an evening. There's all kinds of shit I just don't feel like looking at this evening. I'm pretty busted up because one of my favorite dog ran away - no not one of my girls - Hector. And that sucks.There's that thing in AZ that just fucks us up. 

I said it on Facebook:

"Another rare political thing I always regret saying: If you truly believe that all the finger pointing and polarizing of American politics contributed to the shooting in Az, maybe now is not the time to point fingers and blame. A sick man shot some people. Grieve. Mourn. Do not make this a political thing - That's not helping, either." 

and I said in response to a debate about using the word Scum to refer to Jared Laughner:

"Kevin Trudo 
Most of the reason I shy away from the political is the debate that follows. I know it's easy to get carried away with our feelings about this. I am reading a few people who are splitting apart on a semantic issue...some people I know and respect and I hope I can just jump in and say that I don't think anyone is attempting to be adversarial. I'm also struggling with some not so small anger towards this killer, and I'm not comfortable relieving all blame through mental illness - perhaps wrongly - but the thing is this is stressful. This is wrong and this damages a lot. 

I hate when these things are taken away from us, the security that we can go out and say things or disagree or publicly assemble without a little girl getting killed. It's an innocence and losing it hurts. I hear you Jerry, I do. I know what you mean, my wife and my friend dislike your language, but I hear in it the frustration and the anger that comes when we have to lose this stuff. I'm not sure how accountable we can hold this guy, but dammit I want someone to be accountable.

I also hear the other side. I ask you guys to understand the language of outrage and not apply it to your lives. Everything is different in our backyard. Let's not forget that there's a Laughner Family. Jerry, thanks for sharing your rage. I'm not gonna kick your ass for it. I'm not gonna go with "scum", but I think I understand the feelings that cause you to use that. Katie, thanks for sharing...that's brave and I never knew the whole story. You're a helluva person. I hope to earn the kinda strength you have one day, and I sure hope there's a better route to it, I'm not confident I could do what you did.

If we all can throw out the words and the blame...it's just more shit that's not helping. I don't know enough. I don't know if this guy's family failed him. I don't know if we just had a sociopath. I don't blame the gun, though. I don't blame Palin, just like I'm pretty sure Judas Priest didn't want some kids to try to kill them selves. I don't agree with "scum", but I don't know. I sure don't want to worry about it and I sure don't feel warm towards him. I watched his you tube videos last night and there was some stuff not firing. I don't know if we can help or if this guy can come back. I just know that it was bad. I also know that all this rhetoric is what's worrying me. All the strong language that made up an environment where this could happen bothers me.

Jared Loughner is likely in need of medication, but there's also the possibility that he's not, that he's just evil. I dunno. Sounds Schizophrenic to me. Whatever happens, name calling, in part, got us here. I will say it agin, it's not helping

I don't wanna believe we're terrible. 

The last link is scary, and this is all regurgitated material, but it's pretty big in my head just now. I hope tomorrow is a better day. I may have to turn this whole blog into my story with Bank of America if that shit doesn't get resolved soon. We'll see. Back to facebook, gotta deal with the hand grenade I threw in the mix. I'm suggesting you go here for the shit cheering me up today and man I needed some. 

I'm jumping back on here to make final mention that I'm bummed about the Tevatron. I know, there's a better horse in town...but this was in our backyard. There's some bleak local news of late, this is just a part of it. I hope this doesn't destroy the jobs and lives of a few friends of mine. That there Tevatron was one badass thingy. 

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