Study Break

I've written nothing at all for human consumption at this point. At least not for a long while, although I thought I should stop and sharpen the pencil on a brief study break.

What I'm doing? Well...I started school again. I recorded something and I'm trying to get another release together. I have an Evil Plan for April that I'm equal parts excited and afraid of. The school thing is big. I'm not terribly diligent as a student, ironic as I want to be a teacher. Nevertheless I need to hang on and do what I have to for a while so I can teach. I still teach, rehearse, book, write and perform while most days I'm home with Maddie trying to do those things.

So for now, I'm writing a lot of notes, so I might just be making comments on pencils. Intimates of mine know that I'm a bit of a pencil-phile. I am writing (physically) a lot. I have long read some of the great pencil blogs (Pencil Revolution, Brand Name Pencils, Pencil Talk and Woodclinched among others) and I do not intend to be one, but you write what you know.

I guess there's usually writing or thinking going on with me, but for now I have to focus on a ton of stuff, so the occasional post will be here and not at the Stone Orchard. This one's for me, I don't expect any one to find it and I can be as boring as I want.

I know there's a handful of people who are still with this from years ago when I got traffic...Hi...but for now, enjoy my telling you about the Kuru-toga. The best damn mechanical pencil I've ever used.

At home I tend to sharpen up a few Dixon Tri-Conderogas, but in a class room I need a mechanical. I break a lot of leads and I'm just never in touch with a mechanical out side of my Cross 9mm. I also carry a Zebra 5mm most days, but I have no love of 5mm...until now. The Uniball Mitsubishi Kuru-Toga has a small engine that spins the lead a fraction every time you lift it so the point is always sharp. I need 5mm for writing charts, but I break leads a ton. The supplied leads have some sort of industrial diamond impregnated. In short, the thing is sick. Really sick.

Back to tele-course videos.

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