Now, I'm just working this out in my head, but theory emerges as such.

It's not testable theory in my head, so as such it's garbage, but it's speculation. Which is bad, but I'll try to be unkind about it and see where it goes.

 I am Reading "Their Eyes Were Watching God" By Zora Neale Hurston. I do not love the main character, and I feel this way mainly because I believe she does not need my sympathy or love. I think she is far too well loved as it is. The author holds her in such high esteem for seemingly her sole existence. Or perhaps the act of being created was sufficient trial to justify her being loved. 

And there may be a point in there. Maybe the only reason to love anything is by nature of its existence. 

But I don't love her. Not a bit. I don't find anything in her to love. 

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