An evening reading and writing. I put a 10 page paper in the bag and read a crap ton about Constitutional textualism and Originalism. Really exciting stuff. I'm prepared to discuss it, though I know I wont have to. I have a presentation in the morning and I reference some of the ideas as they stand in relation to Johnson v. M'Intosh. No one will care for any supporting information on my central thesis, but I like to have it in there [taps head] just in case.

I love the paper, but it's a gambit. I took some liberties with the permitted first person. I hope this doesn't backfire, but I have a good grade going in, so - fuck it - I took the chance.

That was scarcely worth writing a'tall, eh? Now, make coffee for the morning and change a diaper. What do I listen to as I go to bed? I'm leaning toward the Emerson Quartet and Brahms.

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